Caberet Style

Hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, private clubs or any room set up for cabaret is ideal for this show.


Creating your own event with Mark as your headline act, your sure to make a fantastic impact.


Select 1 night or a run of events to create impact and regular bookings


Guaranteed to create one of the most fun, entertaining, and original cabaret shows you will ever see.

I'll provide close up enetratinment and my full current stand up show "A Revelstion in Time"


Loads of audience participation and comedy as Mark predicts future events reads and influences the minds of the crowd. A jaw dropping display of skills and fun

Watch as Mark reads and influences the minds of audience members.


Mark is an expert in body language, psychology and behaviour. Mixed with a little intuition, mis-direction and an unrivalled stage presence you have a show that will thrill and surprise even the most sceptical audience.


"Oh my ****ing God, how did he know that!